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Hereditary Cancer Genetic Test (CGX)

Genetic testing helps estimate a chance of developing cancer in your lifetime. Genetic Tests are available for some types of cancer. Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer. Ovarian cancer is the fifth most commonly diagnosed cancer among women. Colorectal cancer affects about 5 % of individuals in their lifetime. Uterine cancer affects about 1 in 37 , less then 3% of women. Pancreatic and kidney cancer are next in a list of hereditary cancer.

Pharmacogenetic Testing (PGX)

Pharmacogenetic testing help you to find out best medication for you and understand how is each medication is affecting body response. Pharmacogenetics report will reveal how well the genes of a patient will metabolize medications. We will discuss test result with each patient.

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How it Works?

Pharmacogenomic testing examining genes of a patient to determine if a certain medication may be effective and whether or not side effects could be experienced. The test results are based on a patient’s genetic profile. Testing can be done on several different types of drugs and medications, including:

How is the Test Done?

PGx testing is done with either a blood or saliva sample. Genetic medications does not change over time. PGx test would be needed for the new medication to determine how it may affect the same result.

When are the tests ordered?

A healthcare practitioner may test a patient’s genes for certain variations and results of the testing may be combined with the individual’s clinical information, including age, weight, health and other drugs that they are taking, to help tailor therapy. Sometimes, the healthcare practitioner may use this information to adjust the medication dose or sometimes to choose a different drug.

Pharmacogenetic testing for a specific gene is only performed once since a person’s genetic makeup does not change over time. Depending on the medication, a single or multiple gene may be ordered.

Testing may be ordered prior to starting specific drug therapies.

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