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Detoxification is the process of eliminating toxins from the body that disturb or interfere with our cells functioning properly at an optimal level. Over time our bodies are exposed to chemicals such as pesticides, food preservatives, and artificial additives. Other forms of toxins include heavy metals such as lead, mercury and other chemical pollutants located in our air, food, and water supply. Toxicity is the leading cause of all chronic illnesses and diseases. XBody Health, Wellness & Spa in Wayne, New Jersey, offers customized detoxification solutions that are both safe and effective. Learn more during a free personalized consultation, which you can set up online or over the phone.

Detoxification Q & A

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What Kind Of Toxins Are In My Environment?

Everyone is exposed to environmental toxins, no matter how careful you are or what part of the nation you call home. Some men and women, however, are at risk of higher levels of toxin exposure.

Some examples of common toxins and sources of toxins include:

This is far from a comprehensive list. In fact, there are so many environmental toxins to consider that many find the entire topic overwhelming.

What Is Detoxification?

Professional detoxification is a process of removing toxins from your system. At XBody Health, Wellness & Spa, all detoxification regimens are customized to meet your specific set of needs.

The process begins with thorough bloodwork and a discussion of your overall health and wellness. This is the time to mention issues like fatigue, sleep disruption, weight gain, or mood swings.

Your practitioner then determines which treatments are best suited to help your body rid itself of accumulated toxins. Options include dietary supplements, detox diets, IV therapy, infrared light therapy, and much more. Increasing your physical activity is also a powerful way to clear toxins from your body.

After Detoxification, What Can I Do To Avoid Further Toxin Accumulation?

Perhaps the best way to avoid harmful toxin accumulation is to educate yourself on common workplace and household toxins and take steps to avoid them. Examples include not putting plastics and styrofoam into the microwave and reducing the amount of thermal paper receipts you accept.

You can also become an informed consumer and shop for household cleaners and beauty products that aren’t made with known toxins. Choosing organic produce is also a good approach.

There are also ways to improve toxin-release through your skin. Sweating in a sauna, using a dry body brush to stimulate your lymphatic system, and drinking plenty of water to enable healthy sweat production are also good options. Xbody Health, Wellness, & Spa offers lymphatic drainage massages.

Our detox program offers diagnostic testing to measure the levels of the most common toxins and therapies that aid in eliminating them. We provide a natural holistic approach to properly cleanse the whole body at a cellular level to regain and maintain optimal health. To learn more about detoxification and how to reduce the volume of dangerous toxins in your everyday life, contact us to schedule a free consultation today, online or over the phone.

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