Oxygen Chair


Benefits of the O2 Chair include; anti-aging and detoxification, assist in weight loss, relieve anxiety, alleviate stress, prevent panic attacks, help with insomnia, reduce pain, increased memory, higher energy levels, greater balance, heightened creativity, greater focus, recover immunity and many more:

1. Treat symptoms of menopause

Deep breathing can give many benefits to the body especially cure and treat the menopause problem in women. If you are a woman and used to experience menopause symptoms its better if you take deep breathing exercise regularly.

2. Reduce pain

Deep breathing can bring in more oxygen to the body that needed by most body cells. The oxygen will help to remove the neurotransmitter within the blood and relieve pain that causing by nerve or blood circulatory problem.

3. Relieve anxiety

By relieving anxiety, deep breathing exercise also can help in alleviating stress. It is very recommended to be performed when you get tension or stressful day.

4. Help in quitting smoking

Deep breathing can increase blood ability to bind the oxygen and prevent it from binding the carbon monoxide which contained in smokes. If you are a smoker and you want to quit smoking, you can just try the deep breath exercise and feel the effects for some days. Deep breathing will help to reduce your nicotine addiction for sure.

5. Clean the blood

During exhaling the bad air, the body release all toxin that contained in blood. Deep breathing can help in cleaning the blood from any harmful substance and metabolic waste such as carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide.

6. Strengthen muscle

Doing deep breathing by taking your arm over your hand can promotes muscle strength and fitness. Just do the deep breathing exercise twice a day to get the benefits.

7. Strengthen immune system

The more oxygen you get the stringer your body immune system. Deep breathing exercise can promotes the body to produce more healing substance and improves immune cells function in fighting the disease.

8. Improve posture

Doing deep breathing exercise while sit and holding straight back can help to improve your body posture as well as prevent from scoliosis.

9. Improve blood quality

As mentioned before, the deep breathing exercise can improve oxygen intake and this will slighly clean the blood from any harmful substance and toxin. During deep breath the body will exhale the toxin which is bound by the hemoglobin inside the red blood cells.

10. Improve lung function

Lung is the main organ during breathing and it is the most important part of human respiratory system. Deep breathing exercise can help to improve the lung capacity and function by practicing fitness for the lung and surrounded muscles.

11. Promote good mood

Deep breathing can promotes the releasing of a hormone called endorphin, this hormone is a good feeling hormones which means it can make you feeling good, fresh and happy even after a stressful day.

12. Help the body repair cell damage

Everyday our body got expose to many harmful substances, toxin and other things that lead to cell and tissue damage. Deep breathing exercise can facilitate the body to get more oxygen and it significantly help in repairing the cells and tissue since oxygen is main components in the metabolism process within the cells.

13. Help in weight control

If you having a strict diet to lose weight and you still getting crave for some foods, try deep breathing exercise. It can make your body get more oxygen, increase metabolism rate and give you more energy as well as calm your brain from craving food by controlling the weight regulating hormone, leptin and ghrelin.

14. Increase the nerve function

Human nervous system need oxygen to undergo their function. Practicing deep breathing exercise regularly can improve and maintain normal nervous system in the body.

15. Relieve migraine

Migraine used to be happen if the nerve in brain getting lack oxygen or the nerve within the brain contracted. Deep breathing exercise can bring more oxygen to your brain and help to calm the brain nerve which lead to migraine pain reduction.

16. Induce good sleep

If you often experience with insomnia or other sleep deprivation you can try to practice deep breathing exercise. Deep breathing method can help to calm your nerve and induce the production of melatonin, the hormone which make you sleepy.

17. Maintain organ health

During deep breathing session, your organ such as lung, diaphragma, heart, liver and others will get some massage and it can promote better function of those organs within the body.

18. Get rid of toxin

Lung is one of the excretory organ in the body. It plays important role in flush away the toxin that contained in blood. Deep breathing will not only promote better oxygen intake but it also make your body to exhale more bad air which contains many waste and toxin subtances derived from the inside of the body.

19. Clearing mind

Just try to take a deep breath and tell what you feel? Yes you feel calm and sometimes it can make you feel you get clearer mind. Practicing the deep breathing technique will help to clear your mind and make you more focus at work. This benefits will surely help you to improve your productivity and learbing ability.


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