Vitamin Injections


Xbody Health & Wellness offers an extensive menu of vitamin and mineral injections to promote good health as well as replenish deficient nutrients. Our most common injections of B12 and other B vitamins can be an effective means for supporting nerve health, hormone balance, adaptation to stress, and immune support, as well as fighting fatigue and promoting mental clarity.


Cyanocobalamin, or vitamin B12, is a B-vitamin. It is found in a variety of foods such as fish, shellfish, meats, and dairy products. Vitamin B12 deficiency has some of the following symptoms including low blood pressure, mood disorder including depression, memory loss, anemia, and fatigue.

The B12 shot is an energy boost to the system and can be used to:


Methylcobalamin is a form of vitamin B12. It can be used to replace levels in patients who don’t have enough and may also be used to treat certain conditions such as neuropathy, ALS, and certain types of anemia. Recommended for patients that cannot absorb cyanocobalamin.


MIC stands for Methionine, Inositol, and Choline and is composed of three amino acids that are necessary for the health of your liver. Methionine, Inositol, and Choline are “lipotropic” substances that are important to fat metabolism, reduce the amount of fat stored in your body, and help in boosting energy levels.


Together with B-12 this “powerful combo” gives an energy boost, fights cholesterol, and also helps target weight loss that is normally hard to lose.


Alpha lipoic acid (ALA, thioctic acid) is an antioxidant that seems to help prevent certain kinds of cell damage in the body, and also restores vitamin levels such as vitamin E and vitamin C. There is also evidence that alpha-lipoic acid can improve the function and conduction of neurons in diabetes. This is a powerful injection used to help promoting the export of fat from the liver.



Engystol® Injection Solution: This amazing injection boosts your immune system naturally. Think of it as an all-natural flu and cold shot. Stimulate your immune system with this dynamic combination of Engystol homeopathic ingredients that are scientifically proven to reduce the duration and severity of symptoms during an acute viral infection, as well as helping to prevent future infections.


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