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35 LBS

X-Body US Medical Technology

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Weight Loss 35lb XBody Health and Wellness

28.2 LBS

Weight Loss 28.2lb in 3 months


Only 7 Days Protocol! ~Shaping ~Firming~ Lifting~ Toning~ Fat Reduction~ Cellulite Reduction No Down Time, Unique Painless Technology

What Makes Eximia Unique?

What Makes Eximia Unique Is Having 5 Different Technologies in One Machine. Giving Us the Availability to Customize Each Treatment to a Client's Needs. from Sking Tightening with Radio Frequency, Fat Reduction with Laserporation, or Body Shapping with Endoradiomag. No Two Treatments Are the Same.

If You Would Like to Improve or Eliminate a Problem Area Without Surgery. Start with a Complimentary Consultation and See If Eximia Is Right for You

Eximia Before and After:

Eximia Body Sculp XBody Health and Wellness
Eximia Before and After

Eximia Before & After
Three Treatments:

Post surgical correction one year after leg liposuction .
Skin tightening and sculpting.
Before and After 7 treatments:

Microneedling Before and After

Freeze Fusion Before and After
With Only ONE Treatment!

Freeze Infusion Facelift, Neck Lift and Skin Tightening
Freeze Infusion Facelift Neck Lift and Skin Tightening Immidiate Results

Freeze Infusion: helps improve skin laxity, wrinkles and imperfections, as well has natural lifting and tightening the face and neck.

Freeze Infusion Skin Tightening

PRX-T33: This is a great treatment to help combat signs of aging like fine lines and stretchmarks. 4 treatments needed, patients will continue to see the long effects of this treatment for well up to 6-9 months.


MINT Threads


Botox & Fillers Before and After

Fillers and Botox Before and After
Fillers and Botox Before and After

Lip Fillers with RHA3

Lip Fillers with RHA3

Mrs. Central America Globe 2019 In XBody Health, Wellness & Spa.

See Our Results

Mrs. Central America Globe in XBody getting Oxygen O2 treatment

Evelyn Fernandez recommends X Body Health & Wellness: "I had the most amazing experience at X Body Health & Wellness. Eximia, Botox & oxygen therapy were some of the treatments I got. It’s definitely the place to go for all off your face & body treatments. Professional, beautiful and relaxing environment."

Mrs. Central America Globe getting Eximia body sculpting treatment in XBody office prior to her competition in China

Myers Cocktail Infusion Therapy XBody Health and Wellness
Myers Cocktail Infusion Therapy XBody Health and Wellness

Myers' Cocktail IV Infusion Therapy


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