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The skillful team at XBody Health, Wellness & Spa has extensive knowledge and experience providing testosterone replacement therapy. In Wayne, New Jersey, the integrative medical group focuses on enhancing general wellness and quality of life working under the philosophy that all men deserve individualized and effective care. From fatigue and decreased libido to low energy and insomnia, the XBody Health, Wellness & Spa professionals are here to help address the symptoms of low testosterone. Use the online booking tool or call to make an appointment today.

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At Xbody Health & Wellness we offer Testosterone Replacement Therapy to help alleviate these symptoms. Biologically identical therapies include injections, topical gels, sublingual tablet, and testosterone pellets that are inserted by the doctor and release a steady amount of testosterone over six months. Men can take control by targeting the cause of their health concerns and discovering ways to improve their life.

What Are The Symptoms Of Low Testosterone?

If you have low testosterone, you might have some of the following symptoms:

Low testosterone can also cause irritability and depression.

What Causes Low Testosterone?

Low testosterone can be caused or exacerbated by various factors, such as

If you’re having symptoms of low testosterone, you should visit Xbody Health, Wellness, & Spa for an evaluation to determine if testosterone therapy is right for you.

What Are The Risks Of Low Testosterone?

What Is Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

Testosterone therapy is hormone replacement therapy designed to supplement the testosterone hormone your body isn’t producing or can’t produce in sufficient amounts.

XBody Health, Wellness & Spa offers quality in-house treatments to help men restore hormonal balance, including hormone pellets and testosterone injections. Your provider can even give you guidelines if you’d prefer to do your testosterone injections at home.

Injections and pellets are particularly convenient. With pellet therapy, you don’t have to think about your hormones for months as the pellet does the work for you.

With pellet therapy, your provider places small pellets in the fatty layer beneath the skin of your upper buttocks. The pellets secrete testosterone that’s steadily absorbed into your bloodstream over time.

Testosterone hormone replacement therapy can boost your mood, energy, mental health, muscle mass, and much more.

Xbody Health, Wellness & Spa provides a range of other quality personalized treatments to improve health and promote hormonal balance, such as nutritional counseling and stress management.

Your provider can administer hormone therapy in highly customized doses to suit your individual needs.

For exceptional men’s health care and testosterone therapy, look no further than XBody Health, Wellness & Spa. Contact us for an appointment at our Wayne, New Jersey, office.