IV Infusion Therapy

IV Infusion Therapy

Xbody Health & Wellness offers customized intravenous (IV) vitamin drips to maximize health, performance, recovery, and overall wellness.

IV therapy delivers safe and natural minerals and vitamins directly into your circulatory system to achieve overall optimal health.

Our IV Infusions

IV XBody Beauty

XBody Beauty - $185

Rehydrate dry skin, diminish wrinkles, and clear skin blemishes with our restorative anti-aging treatment. Hydrating from the inside out is exponentially more effective for rejuvenating our outward aesthetic than topical products and creams and leaves your skin with a healthy glow.

Recharges the body with Electrolytes

Restores Hydration

Balances Salts

Calms skin irritations and blemishes

Replenishes Vitamin and Mineral

Decreases bloating

Introduces a powerful antioxidant Glutathione

IV Energy Boost

Energy Boost - $135

Feeling sluggish, struggling to stay alert throughout the day, experiencing adrenal fatigue, or just plain exhausted? This infusion will help you get back to your best. Our crafted vitamin cocktail will boost your energy, stamina, and mood.

Recharges the body with Electrolytes

Restores Hydration

Balances Salts

Healthy Dose of B-12 and B-Complex

IV Slim Fit

Slim Fit - $145

Need a little help reaching your weight loss goals? Our weight loss IV therapy reduces bloating and flushes away toxins while encouraging your body to burn fat and mobilize your fat stores.
Recharges the body with Electrolytes

Restores Hydration

High Dose of B-12 and B-Complex

Mobilizes fat stores resulting in fat burning

IV Myer's Cocktail

Myers’ Cocktail - $150

Introducing the gold stand of IV Infusions!

Myers’ cocktail is the perfect infusion to alleviate chronic symptoms such as inflammation, muscle pain, fatigue, and stress.

Relax with this restorative drip to bring balance to your mind and body.

It is even a great pick-me-up after a long weekend, traveling, festivals, or work helping you feel like you are back on you’re a-game.

IV Liquilift Hydration

Liquilift - $75

Recharge after a day in the sun, night on the town or to combat general acute dehydration symptoms or even if you suffer from migraines. Feel like a brand new you in 30 minutes.

Recharges the body with Electrolytes

Restores Hydration

Balances Salts

IV Immunity Boost

Immunity - $175

Keep your immune system running at its fullest potential so it can protect your body from any “bug” that may try to bring you down! Our blend of vitamins and amino acids will help you strengthen your immune system but also help in recovery after you have been sick.

Recharges the body with Electrolytes

Restores Hydration

Boosts the Immune System with Powerful Vitamins

Replenishes with Nutrients

IV Recovery and Performance

Recovery and Performance - $175

Supercharge your body, muscles, and joints with essential vitamins and amino acids. This cocktail will have you lifting heavier and working out longer with less downtime.

Recharges the body with Electrolytes

Restores Hydration | Balances Salts

Healthy Dose of B-12 and Amino Acids

Replenishes Vitamin and Mineral Levels

Ask us about IV Infusion customization with popular add-ons like

Glutathione, High Dose Vitamin C,  ALA or Biotin!

Add-ons starting at $30 and up

IV Add Ons



OXYGEN CHAIR (15 mins)- $20

BIOMAT - $20

Amethyst Crystal Mat helps with

muscle joint pain relief, relaxation, blood circulation,

immune system support

What Is IV Therapy?

IV therapy is the direct absorption of nutrients into the bloodstream through an IV (intravenous therapy). It’s most often recommended to treat vitamin and mineral deficiencies, but it can also boost energy levels, strengthen immunity, and improve endurance. Unlike oral vitamins, which are absorbed through the digestive system, IV therapy hits your bloodstream instantly, so you can feel its effects quickly. Xbody Health, Wellness, & Spa is fortunate to have a fully trained and expert staff knowledgeable in a variety of IV treatments.

What Are The Benefits Of IV Therapy?

Whether you are feeling run down or just drained of energy, IV therapy can help improve your overall health and wellness.

Some of the most common benefits of IV vitamins include:

  • Safely delivers nutrients efficiently for cellular absorption
  • Bypassing digestive tract
  • Detoxifies harmful toxins
  • Boosts immune system
  • Increases energy
  • Slows down the aging process
  • Best absorption rate of vitamins when done intravenously

  • Each vitamin and mineral cocktail at XBody Health, Wellness & Spa is carefully tailored to suit your unique needs, so talk to the team if you have more than one health concern you hope to improve through IV therapy.

    XBody Health, Wellness & Spa offers a comprehensive range of IV therapy solutions

    For a full list of IV therapy services available at XBody Health, Wellness & Spa, call the office or schedule an appointment online today.

    Many patients report feeling refreshed and energetic for weeks following a Myers’ Cocktail treatment. It’s designed for busy patients on the go and provides the perfect pick-me-up after a long weekend, traveling, working long hours, and more.


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