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Balanced nutrition is a major factor in feeling your best. At XBody Health, Wellness & Spa in Wayne, New Jersey, the team of doctors and health coaches enthusiastically helps anyone who wants to make a positive change in their diet with nutritional guidance and supplementation. To get started on revitalizing your health and wellness, call XBody Health, Wellness & Spa or book an appointment online today.

Nutritional Guidance Q & A

Why Is It Important To Get Proper Nutrition?

Nutrition is the foundation of your body’s functioning. When you get a balance of important nutrients in your diet, you reduce your risk of a wide variety of chronic conditions and health complications.

Eating well can help prevent:

Additionally, eating well helps you feel more energetic, alert, and mobile. Your medical staff at XBody Health, Wellness & Spa helps you explore the benefits that eating better provides for your personal lifestyle.

Should I Get Nutritional Guidance?

You don’t need to be overweight or chronically ill to benefit from nutritional guidance and services from a trained professional. At XBody Health, Wellness & Spa, the team provides nutritional guidance to anyone who wants to improve their lifestyle or who already has a chronic condition and needs help managing it.

Since nutrition isn’t necessarily one-size-fits-all, XBody Health, Wellness & Spa provides testing to help the team get an idea of your needs. After reviewing your medical history and any present symptoms, they request blood work to view your levels of certain nutrients and other factors. They also provide:

Allergy testing

Identifying your food allergies and sensitivities with allergy testing helps the XBody Health, Wellness & Spa team create your personalized diet plan effectively. They offer skin prick testing and blood testing to find out what foods you should avoid.

Metabolic testing

With metabolic testing, your provider can find out more about the speed and efficiency of your metabolism, or the process of your body turning food into energy. Through the Reevue Metabolic Machine, the staff are able to determine your resting metabolic rate within 10 minutes of the exam.

What Does Nutritional Guidance Entail?

An integrative nutrition health coach is a guide and mentor who empowers you and provides ongoing support as you set goals and make sustainable changes that optimize your health and manage your weight. In one hour private sessions, we will connect the dots between who you are and who you want to be. Together we create your personal blueprint, set personal goals, and work towards sustainable change for an overall healthier lifestyle. Our team of experts at Xbody Health, Wellness, & Spa are highly trained and knowledgeable about nutrition and weight loss. They can make a personalized and effective diet plan to help you lose weight, manage a chronic condition, live with a food allergy, or simply be healthier.

The team gives you direction and helps you navigate the necessary changes to your diet. If you have any questions about your nutrition, the integrative nutrition health coach and medical experts readily answer them in detail so you’re certain about the choices you make when it comes to eating.

The team also provides guidance on needed supplements if you must follow a restrictive diet. Your body may have certain requirements for higher-than-average levels of specific nutrients, and supplements can help you reach those levels in ways that you couldn’t with food alone.

To improve your wellness with expert nutritional diagnostics and coaching, call XBody Health, Wellness & Spa or book an appointment online today.