Neural Therapy


Neural Therapy

Do you frequently have muscle spasms, headaches, or pain? Or perhaps you have one or many other medical conditions, such as asthma, IBS, acne or a lingering effect from Covid 19 infection? You may be a candidate for neural therapy.

Neural therapy is a simple treatment that repairs the autonomic nervous system. It's becoming increasingly popular due to its effectiveness. To learn more, contact us today.

Neural Therapy Wayne NJ

What is the autonomic neural system?

The autonomic nervous system, also known as the ANS, is part of our central nervous system. The ANS controls many bodily functions, such as breathing, digestion, immune function, circulation, hormone production, and temperature regulation. The ANS controls all the cells in our bodies.

When trauma occurs in a part of the body, the ANS responds by increasing circulation to the area. If the circulation does not return to normal, something called interference fields develop. The most common cause of interference fields is scar tissue - this damaged tissue creates a signal in the ANS, then the signal travels through the body. This explains pain that may occur in parts of the body that are not close to the scar - such as a C-section scar that causes migraine.

What causes interference fields?

Various factors can cause interference fields, such as:

What is neural therapy?

Dysfunction of the ANS can lead to chronic pain and illness. Neural therapy is a type of treatment that fixes ANS dysfunction. Neural therapy corrects imbalances and restores ANS function, allowing the body to heal.

What conditions can neural therapy treat?

Neural therapy injections can improve symptoms of many conditions, including:

Neural Therapy

How does neural therapy work?

The cells in an interference field have an abnormal electrical charge, causing abnormal signals and ANS dysfunction. During a neural therapy treatment, a local anesthetic is injected into abnormal cells, normalizing the electrical charge. This helps the cells work more efficiently, allowing nutrients to enter - and toxins to leave - the cells. This decreases pain and allows the cells to begin the healing process.

How does the neural therapy process work?

The injection is done in our office. We use very fine needles to minimize pain. One or more injection(s) may be required to cover the affected area of pain. The depth of the injection will depend on where the interference field is. After the scar tissue is injected, some anesthetic may be injected into a vein to help stabilize the ANS.

Does neural therapy hurt?

Many patients compare the feeling to a mosquito bite. Some patients experience more intense pain. The amount of pain will depend on several factors, such as the thickness of the scar tissue, sensitivity of the area, and how deep the injection is.

How many injections will I need?

Most people require a total of 3 to 6 injections. Symptoms may begin to improve right away. And with each injection, patients tend to notice even more improvement!

What are the side effects of neural therapy?

Neural therapy is not only effective but very well tolerated. Side effects are usually minimal, and may include minor bruising or injection site pain. Some people feel dizzy or lightheaded immediately after the injection, but this feeling only lasts for several minutes. As with any type of injection, there is a small risk of infection. However, our practitioners follow sterile techniques and medical protocols, so the risk of infection is minimal.

Is there anyone who cannot receive neural therapy?

Consult your healthcare provider before receiving neural therapy if you have any medical conditions or take any medications. People who are allergic to anesthetics such as procaine or lidocaine may not be able to receive neural therapy.

What are the benefits of neural therapy?

At XBody Health & Wellness, our practitioners will take a detailed medical history, then design a customized treatment based on your health requirements.

Because neural therapy is done in our office, it is very convenient - you won’t have to miss days or weeks of work. Neural therapy can improve symptoms of many conditions, without the need for complicated surgery, difficult recovery, or costly medications.

Neural therapy can help many types of chronic symptoms, including:

Improved gut health: When your stomach isn’t quite right, it can cause many other symptoms. Neural therapy can help improve gut health, alleviating symptoms of conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea, and others.

Improved organ function: Neural therapy can improve organ function, which leads to better overall health and relief of conditions like headaches, brain fog, and high blood pressure.

Relief of lymph congestion: When the lymph system is congested, infection and inflammation may result. Neural therapy can remove toxins and promote healing of the lymph system. It can also help relieve sinus conditions.

Less muscle and joint pain: Neural therapy decreases swelling, reduces acute and chronic pain, and helps muscles and joints heal. Receiving neural therapy helps some patients avoid surgery.

How can I maximize the results of neural therapy?

Neural therapy may not work as well if you use certain drugs, have nutritional deficiencies, smoke, or consume alcohol. Our XBody Health & Wellness practitioners can recommend other therapies such as IV hydration, colon hydrotherapy, ionic detox foot baths, and other lifestyle changes that can help improve the response to neural therapy. We treat the patient as a whole to help you get the best treatment outcomes and live your best life!

Does science support neural therapy?

Don’t just take our word for it - research confirms the benefits of neural therapy!
Science Direct published research concluding that neural therapy has a long-lasting effect on reducing pain and inflammation, relaxes muscle trigger points, and has “remarkable effects on the immune system.” Another research article published in the Journal of Pain & Relief found that neural therapy led to “dramatic improvement and often complete cure of a patient’s long term pain.”

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At XBody Health & Wellness, we utilize a combination of holistic therapies, modern medicine, and lifestyle support with the ultimate goal of enhancing the body’s innate ability to heal itself. Neural therapy has many benefits for specific medical conditions and overall health - and it is convenient and affordable, too.
If you want to learn about neural therapy and how it may help you feel better, please contact our office for more information and to schedule your appointment.

Trigger Point Injections Specialist

Trigger Point Injections Q & A

Painful muscle spasms can reduce your ability to comfortably complete everyday tasks and chip away at your quality of life. Fortunately, a simple solution is available at XBody Health, Wellness & Spa in Wayne, New Jersey. Medical Staff use trigger point injections to reduce muscle spasms and the pain associated with them to help you feel comfortable. Schedule an appointment with XBody Health, Wellness & Spa over the phone or online to learn more about trigger point injections for pain relief.

What Are Trigger Point Injections?

Trigger point injections help relieve muscle pain in your legs, lower back, arms, neck, and other areas of your body. The injections can ease tension headaches, fibromyalgia, and myofascial pain by relaxing painful, tense knots in your muscles. They often contain a steroid and anesthetic for effective, long-lasting pain relief.

What Are The Benefits Of Trigger Point Injections?

You can experience the following benefits after trigger point injections from specialists at XBody Health, Wellness & Spa:

Trigger point injections help reduce tight muscle fibers and inflammation associated with chronic pain.

What Happens During Trigger Point Treatment?

Prior to trigger point injections your XBody Health, Wellness & Spa provider reviews your medical history and examines areas of your body associated with tension and pain. They let you know if you’re a good candidate for the procedure.

During trigger point injections, Your practitioner inserts a tiny needle into areas of tight muscle fibers, under ultrasound guidance. The procedure is fast, taking just a few minutes to complete. It’s virtually painless, but you might feel a slight pinch during needle insertion.

What Should I Expect After Trigger Point Injections?

After the procedure, you might experience temporary numbness or soreness at the injection site. There’s no downtime, so you can resume your normal everyday routine right away.

Your provider might recommend a series of injections or maintenance treatments to help you achieve the most desirable outcome. You can experience immediate pain relief with optional results appearing over the next several days.

Are Trigger Point Injections Right For Me?

If you experience chronic pain associated with muscular tension or knots, you might be a good candidate for trigger point injections -- especially if massage, physical therapy, oral medications, or other pain management treatments fail. Your XBody Health, Wellness & Spa practitioner can let you know if trigger point injections are right for you.

Don’t live with pain caused by tension and tight muscle knots when trigger point injections are within reach at XBody Health, Wellness & Spa. Contact us to schedule an appointment over the phone or online to learn more about your options.

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