Eximia: The Revolutionary New Technology That Banishes Stubborn Fat Deposits Without Surgery


So you hit the gym every day and eat healthy, working hard to get results. Only you’re not seeing the results you want. Despite your efforts — all the sweat, the muscle burn, the early morning alarms — you still have bulges of fat in places you’d really rather be toned and taut.

Enter Eximia, the multifaceted body contouring procedure offered by the medical providers and trained aestheticians at XBody Health & Wellness.

Eximia is an innovative laser treatment that helps rid your body of unwanted fat by combining low-frequency laser energy, radiofrequency energy, vacuum or suctioning therapy, vibrational therapy, and resurfacing all into one seamless treatment. 

This differs significantly from other body contouring procedures, which typically only utilize one method of lipolysis — the destruction of fat cells — during treatment.

How does body contouring work? 

Body contouring is the secret to finally breaking up fat in trouble areas, such as your buttocks, thighs, and belly. Body contouring works by destroying fat cells beneath your skin. Once fat cells die, they don’t regenerate, so they’re gone for good. 

Your body eventually sheds the dead fat cells via your lymphatic system, part of your immune system responsible for eliminating waste, which includes damaged or dead cells. 

Some body contouring methods work by overheating the fat cells or freezing them, but Eximia is different. Eximia uses a method called “sequential metabolic stimulation of the cell” — that’s the scientific way of saying that the tool speeds up the metabolism of cells, which means they die faster. 

Eximia accomplishes this with the multiple therapies it utilizes. Together, the technologies emulsify pockets of fat, firm up your skin, reduce the appearance of cellulite, and reduce sagging. 

Eximia body contouring results

Eximia is approved for treatment of the buttocks, thighs, back, belly, sides, arms, chest, and even your face. Wherever you need results, Eximia can help. 

Most patients see subtle results after their first couple of treatments, but because lipolysis is a natural process, it can take a while. You should see significant results after a few weeks. For optimal fat loss, most patients undergo several Eximia treatments.

Eximia is not a weight loss procedure. Instead, think of it as a way to tone up your body. Eximia is recommended for people who already maintain a healthy body weight and just need help busting some tough spots. 

Your results last longer and are more significant if you keep up your healthy eating habits and continue to exercise on a regular basis. 

To learn more about Eximia and how it can help you feel more confident in your body, schedule a consultation at Xbody Health & Wellness. Call us or use our online system to request an appointment at our Wayne, New Jersey, office.

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