Forget Surgery: Learn Why Thread Lifts Are the Hottest Way to Instantly Look Years Younger


Until relatively recently (read: late 2010s), the only method that allowed for dramatic reshaping of facial features was a face-lift. Face-lifts, unfortunately, require invasive surgery, a long recovery period, and downtime to deal with sensitive post-surgical sites. 

Of course, you can opt for laser skin resurfacing, chemical peels, Botox®, or other minimally invasive facial treatments, but these procedures only address the outer appearance of your skin — smoothness, tightness, and the like. Plus, they’re temporary. 

A face-lift, on the other hand, addresses loose, sagging skin and can actually remove it. If you fall into the category of people who would benefit from a face-lift but can’t or don’t want to undergo the surgical procedure, you’ll be excited to learn that Dr. Tatiana Sharahy’s practice, XBody Health & Wellness, offers thread lifts. 

What is a thread lift? 

thread lift combines the aesthetic benefits of a face-lift with the minimal invasiveness of other procedures. During this procedure, we place temporary sutures under your skin to create a subtle lift. Essentially, instead of surgically removing your skin, we “bunch” it closer together so it appears less saggy. 

Over time, your body absorbs the temporary sutures. The process of a thread lift also induces collagen production because your skin recognizes the sutures as minor injuries, to which it responds with healing properties. New collagen production naturally improves the look and tone of your skin. 

What can a thread lift treat?

A thread lift offers the opportunity to tighten loose skin on your chin, neck, face, or jowls. A thread lift is most beneficial to patients who are dealing with mild to moderate levels of skin laxity. 

Benefits of a thread lift versus a face-lift

face-lift is considered a major surgery, and with that comes many unfavorable aspects. With a face-lift, you: 

  • Go under general anesthesia, so you need someone to drive you home afterward
  • Endure a long and intense recovery period, during which you need help from a caretaker 
  • Won’t be able to return to work for a couple of weeks
  • Need strong pain medication to manage the recovery period 

With a thread lift, you: 

  • Need only local anesthesia, so you can drive yourself home after the treatment
  • Don’t need to hire a caretaker or enlist a family member to help
  • Don’t need strong pain medication to get through recovery
  • Can return to work as soon as you wish
  • Carry virtually no risk of scarring, bruising, or bleeding
  • Receive a subtle lift that makes your face look younger and brighter
  • Enjoy your new look for up to three years

Who should get a thread lift?

Anyone with minor skin laxity in the face and neck can benefit from a thread lift. Experts suggest that patients with high levels of sagging skin opt for a traditional face-lift because a face-lift is the only procedure that can actually remove loose skin. But a thread lift still stands as a viable option if you can’t have or don’t want a face-lift, even if you have a high level of loose skin. 

To learn more about thread lifts or schedule a consultation appointment, call us XBody Health & Wellness today or use our online tool to book your appointment. 

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