Learn About Our Revolutionary Bone Density Scan That Uses Free of Radiation Ultrasound


If you’re in your 30, 40s, 50s, or beyond, your primary care doctor may have mentioned the importance of bone density. Bone density is a measure of how strong your bones are, and it’s an important indicator of your health as you get older. 

Doctors have traditionally measured bone density with radiation-based scans, such as the popular DEXA scan, but there’s a new — and 100% radiation-free — technology now. XBody Health & Wellness is excited to offer the new scan, a safer and more accurate way to measure bone density. 

What is the new Ultrasound scan? 

The scanner is a type of bone densitometer or a machine that analyzes your bone density.

New Ultrasound technology uses radiofrequency echographic multi-spectrometry (REMS) technology, an ultrasound-based imaging technology that interacts with your bone tissue to provide an analysis of your bone mineral density.

What you need to know about bone density

Bone density, or bone mineral density, constitutes an important part of your overall health. Your bone density increases until you reach your late 20s, at which point you’ve reached your peak bone mass. As you age from that point on, your bone density either remains the same or slowly declines. 

Many people experience severe bone density loss as they reach middle age, especially women who have gone through menopause. Low bone density makes you more susceptible to bone fractures, as well as the degenerative bone disease called osteoporosis

Keeping tabs on your bone mineral density helps you reduce your risk of bone-related health complications — you can keep track of regular bone density scans, Echolight in particular. 

Echolight Ultrasound vs. DEXA scans

DEXA (sometimes also written as DXA) has long been considered the gold standard in bone densitometry, but Echolight systems are set to take the throne because of their radiation-free technology. No precertification or authorization required and the test takes only 1.5 minutes.

DEXA stands for dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry, a technology that emits small doses of ionizing radiation to capture images of your body. It’s simple and non-invasive but subject to error. For example, if you happen to lie differently during one DEXA scan compared to the last, your results may be skewed. If you move during the scan, your images may come out blurry.

Because DEXA scans use radiation, you should thoroughly discuss the risks and benefits with your provider before opting for a DEXA scan. If you’re pregnant, for example, you may be advised to avoid the test. 

Echolight, on the other hand, minimizes the probability of error because it exclusively analyzes the interactions of ultrasound waves with your bone tissue. This system won’t provide faulty images because, if the result isn’t of acceptable quality, the system asks us to retake the image. 

Additionally, new Ultrasound doesn’t require you to be as still or as particularly positioned as you must be with a DEXA scan, because the new Ultrasound system doesn’t pick up on movement as the DEXA does. 

Perhaps the most profound benefit is that Echolight provides an accurate, non-invasive bone density scan without radiation, with bone quality assessments meaning that it’s safe to take anew scan at regular intervals. This can help you keep track of your bone mineral density and get the care you need when you need it. 

To learn more about the new Bone density system, schedule a consultation with your Xbody Health & Wellness provider. Call 973-869-5806 or book online for an appointment at our Wayne, New Jersey, office.

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