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Medical Research: Iron and Celiac Disease

According to a recent Medscape article: Can Iron Supplementation Protect Against Celiac Disease?, new data suggests that “Genetically lower iron levels were associated with an increased risk for celiac disease, pointing to a potential opportunity to prevent the disease”. Read how celiac disease is linked to several other medical conditions, including diabetes, infertility, hepatitis B, pancreatitis, acne, seizures, and iron-deficiency anemia, including pernicious anemia on our website: We at XBody Health & Wellness Functional Integrative Medicine Center  explain distinguishing

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XBody Health & Wellness Integrative, Functional and Family Medicine Practice is emphasizing the importance of establishing a robust framework for overall well-being through a harmonious integration of nutrition, movement, and mind-body health. Our focus areas encompass the optimization of the gut microbiome, the treatment of gut-related conditions, and the management of various health concerns such as joint pain, heart disease, men’s and women’s health, and thyroid dysfunction. Additionally, our experienced doctors are dedicated to assisting individuals dealing with chronic complex

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